"Its hard not to make jokes about these things" - a list of the shit Chappelle took aim at in his new special.

Dave Chappelles new comedy special 'Sticks & Stones' dropped on Netflix this week. If you ask me, it some of his best work.  Yeah, it was controversial as shit. And yeah, it probably didn't earn him any fans among certain demographics. But that’s comedy. Dave is following one golden principle of stand up. Be funny.

Do you think Dave was caught by surprise when Vice posted an article "You Can Definitely Skip Dave Chappelle's New Netflix Special" the day after it was available on netty? Flip no. Dave knew. Vice knew. Shit, we all knew that some marketing drone was waiting to post that pre-penned article on Facebook the day after it dropped. Dave doesn't care.The way he effortlessly performs on stage, stirring all sorts of shit, gives a sense that being politically incorrect is the entire aim of sticks and stones. Which is fine, on the proviso its funny. And he delivers

Dave has definitely honed his onstage persona since 'Equanimity' and 'The Bird and Revelation'. He bought back a jollier side of himself . This includes running around on stage, laughing at his own jokes & being less somber and introspective in general. These were some of Chapelle’s best assets earlier in his career - assets which were lacking in his return to comedy in 2017. 

And yeah, if you’ve logged onto your social media and seen a Pedestrian TV article slamming Dave’s performance, that’s because he spends the entire special poking fun at some of the most hotbed political issues of today. Here’s the list of stuff he took aim at (in order of mention):

1. Anthony Bourdains Suicide

2. Suicide

3. Paedophilia

4. Atlanta

5. The LGBTQ Community

6. The Chinese

7. Louis CK

8. #Metoo

9. Abortion

10. Mass Shootings

11. Gun Control

12. Assaulting Drug Addicts

13. Jussie Smollett

And the list goes on. Reading that now, it does feel like Dave kinda just penned his jokes around the most provocative things in today's consciousnesses. Dave realises this, and even reflects at one point“its hard not to write jokes about this stuff”. I believe for him, its true. But you know what, Daves intention is not to offend, its to make people laugh. To entertain. He's doing his job. If you disagree, sit down tonight and watch Sticks and stones with a straight face.

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