"It’s Entirely Possible" –  A Joe Rogan Biopic

Scene 1 – From Chimp To Man.

At an elementary school in Boston Massachusetts, a 13-year-old Joe sits at a desk doodling a picture of a chimpanzee in his notebook. A stern old woman is standing in front of a blackboard preparing to take a science class. She begins class

“Good morning students, please open your text book to page 121. Hey… Listen up! Today we’ll be discussing Apollo 11 and the first manned mission to the Moon. Now class, can anybody tell me who ….”

A young Joe, stars in his eyes, shoots his hand up prematurely. The teacher rolls her eyes and loosely gazes at Joe. He takes this as his que to speak.

“It cannot be 100% confirmed that they made it to the moon. It’s entirely possible that…”

The old woman interrupts Joe quickly


“Joe, nobody wants to hear your long-winded rants that go nowhere, this isn’t how w….”

Joe cut hers off, desperately trying again. With his voice wavering, he interjects


“But the footage, its…”

The old woman interrupts louder

“Where do you think you are Joe? Nobody’s listening. Can you hear me? We don’t want to listen to 3 hours of just Joe, nothing but Joe, the Joe Rogan experience. Nobody wants that, okay? Now please class, who can tell me…”

We hear Joe desperately interrupt “but……but…”

The screen cuts to young Joe, tears in his eyes as the teacher states with a sense of finality "Nobody's listening Joe!"

The screen suddenly goes black and the noise is dead silent.


With the black screen still showing, we hear a 50-year-old Joe whisper

“Boom, and we’re live”

The screen fades in on a shot of Elon Musk sitting opposite Joe in 2019. This image is on the screen for two seconds before sharply cutting to black again.

Scene 2 – A Chemical Gateway To Another Dimension.

This scene opens on a 35-year-old Joe shooting pool with an unidentified man. The unknown man is dressed in lycra skins, a headband and a shirt with the words “10th planet Jiu Jitsu” emblazoned on the back.  Smoking a joint, the man turns around.

“Look it up” Eddie Bravo states boldly.

Joe has a smirk on his face, “Okay Eddie, I’ll look it up”.


Joe knocks a ball and narrowly misses the back pocket. Eddie passes the joint and grabs the pool stick in a synchronous fashion.

“Or whatever you don’t have to. But I’m telling you, they put it in the air to control our minds”

There’s a bustling coming from the bar in the other room and suddenly a third man bursts into the pool room. White as a ghost and trembling, a young Duncan Trussell grabs Joe

“Joe man… Joe .. Listen to me”

Joe interjects “Dude, what’s wrong… you look terrible...”


Duncan takes a deep breath as he livens up a bit. With the colour slowly returning to his face, he whispers

“Joe you need to….  you need to try this”

Duncan pulls a small pipe from his back pocket packed full of a brown crystal like substance.

“What is it” Joe stammers

“It’s a chemical portal to another dimension man. It’s a 15 minutes ride through a new reality. This will change everything for you…”

“Okay but… what is it?” Joe says more intently this time

“It’s Dimethyltryptamine Joe. This is DMT”

Joe sits back in his chair in shock. He seems to somehow know his life is about to be changed forever

“Okay 15 minutes, what’s the worst that could happen” Joe says as he sits back and takes 3 puffs of the pipe.

The audience is taken to an intense hallucinogenic cut scene to the tune of ancient ceremonial music. Joes entire body is seen melting into geometric patterns. An archery bow, kettle bells, elk meat, a microphone, a UFC shirt and a float tank are all seen dancing around to the beat of the music.

For 3 seconds everything goes silent. Suddenly, Joe is shot through space and time and lands firmly in his podcast chair and desk. Joe, now 15 years older, is looking head down into his lap. As Joe comes to, slowly raising his head, he realizes he’s not sitting in his regular podcast studio.

Joe is sitting in front of a crowd of 300 million people intently listening.

The trip ends and Joe enters back into the room.

©2019 by Ballistic (In)Sides.