The question on everybody’s lips. What the god damn heck is formwork?

At the beginning of any life investigation, you need to start with the grass roots. Well what on earth are the grass roots of formworking?  Its time to ask the CFMEU.

“God forgives, the CFMEU does not”.

This phrase was ringing through my head all day in trying to find a CFMEU formworker. After a bit of deliberation, I got in touch with a local formworker and CFMEU member; Thomas Zietsman. Zietsman has worked a multiple of construction sites across over the years, including: the Hickory site, a handful of railway initiatives, the Darwin gas project and various other construction jobs throughout Australia.

So i had to inquire - what on gods green heck is formworking?



“To be fair mate, there are many types of formwork and concrete form working In construction. What do you want from me? A Wikipedia definition? Google it yourself” – Zietsman 2019

Wikipedia definition: “Formwork is temporary or permanent molds into which concrete or similar materials are poured. In the context of concrete construction, the falsework supports the shuttering molds”

After taking while to digest this, I started to realise just how important form working is. Do you think they built Fed square by spraying a bit of concrete sporadically and have some bloke pat it down to dry in the sun? Shame on you. Every structure needs form and every form needs a form worker.

“Every structure needs form and every form needs a form worker”

So next time you’re admiring the architectural wonders of the world - the Eureka sky deck, the Melbourne Eye or Flinders Street station - take some time to think of the form work that was required to get that structure there.

In CFMEU we trust 

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