Can we start embracing Kyrgios?

Australians hate Nick Kyrgios. Like a guttural Hate. I guanrantee if you pulled over to any warehouse

It must be weird being nick. Other sports stars in his posiiton are heralded as heroes in their home country. Remember when pat rafter was making all our dicks hard in those bonds commercials. MYou honestly couldnt say a bad word about Pat to my mum without being ushered away. Nick on the toher hand? People are not shy to immediatly say 'Fuck wit' when you ask them.

I do sometimes think that the Dial in the media will change for nick. Imagine if he won a grandslam. You could c already see the heraldn sun front page "Nick, bad boy of tennis turned good" or some shit.  Thats what it would take, just a measly grandslam for Australians to start respecting one of our biggest sports stars. I say fuck the media Nick, keep doing you. Who needs those slime balls, when you have the support of a micro blogger with a few hundred views.

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