Heroin, Bahn Mi & Wooden Benched Cafes.

Living in Abbotsford, you get confused sometimes. I mean, what is it about this place that has 80 different demographics all crammed in one 1.8km squared area. 

Down the Johnston street end, its true suburbia. Here you'll see rich family's enjoying lattes at wooden benched cafes, french bulldogs, active wear - etc etc. But what of the Victoria street end? Welcome to the wild west. Walking out the door you don't know whether a bunch Collingwood supporters are marching from the G to come bash you OR if you're going to have to save a bloke overdosing outside the Bakers Arms OR if you're going to need to hide your Aldi plastic bag from some militant youths on the hunt for some non-sustainable blood.

"The prospect of having youths attack me for using a plastic bag is scary but exciting" - TP

Yep, the exciting blend of footy fans, ballistic indie offshoots, amazing Vietnamese food and the ever present drug undertone is what makes living on the Vic street end of Abbotsford that fucking good.

As a local, I feel like its my duty to guide new visitors to the area. These days I feel like any old browser can google ‘Trip Advisor Abbotsford’, get a random list of things to do, and probably get the false illusion that they're seeing the best Abbotsford spots based off some crimpy reviews. Well not today Peter - your boy warms is here to offer some insider knowledge on some of Abbotsfords TRUE cultural hot spots.

Abbotsfords Cultural Hot Spots

1. The Safe Injecting Room

Theres an old saying down my end of Abbotsford “Living on the edge is walking barefoot to the grocery store"

Why? Because the streets are a porcupine of unshielded needles waiting to stab unsuspecting feet. I hear your shrieks. "pie…. settle down with this one…. you should not be making light of devastating drug affliction that’s ruining lives and family's?" Settle down cun. As an individual who picks needles out of his yard, calls ambulances and occasionally has their car robbed; I’m not. I'm just saying its interesting to see a great initiative at work and the effect it has on the suburb. And sure, occasionally some of the staff are caught shooting up, but thats also gags.

2. Phuoc Thanh Hot bread

This place is just fucked. Absolutely fucked. In the good way. At any hour of the day this joint will be busier than Kim Beasley at a smorgys opening (zing). For a good reason. The women behind the counters here are absolute saints and they honestly prepare one of the greatest Vietnamese sandwiches this side of the pacific. As for Chilli? Please load it up. $5 all up? Bless you Vietnamese gods.

3. “The Fridge Lawn Joint”

31 William Street Abbotsford, 3067.

4. The Vic

The crown jewel of the Vic Street bar scene. This place is the god damn tits on wheels. Punishing pints whilst playing Nintendo and listening to hip hop?! I repeat. Playing the god blessed Nintendo whilst getting hammered listening to hip hop. That’s ballistic? 

Theres a shitload more this suburb has to offer than 4 random places. I recommend you come visit for a fridge beer sometime.



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